Nordic American AS can offer U.S. and international companies pursuing defense or security business in Norway:
•      Political, economic, cultural and military information and analysis critical to program development and success
•      Market intelligence
•      Knowledge of Norwegian regulations, processes and procedures
•      Industrial cooperation expertise
•      Access to decision makers

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A nation’s political and economic landscape is constantly changing.  Military information needs to be analyzed, because you never see the entire picture.  Nordic American excels at triangulating information, intelligence and regulations to arrive at optimal solutions for success.

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Nordic American AS provides U.S. and international suppliers with strategic defense advisory services.  We believe in the strength of the Transatlantic relationship and work with our clients in the pursuit of Norwegian Defence acquisition programs or requests for specific defence services.  
Today, having the expertise to contribute to conventional industrial participation programs is not enough.  We work to develop viable, long-term opportunities and partnerships between U.S. and Norwegian companies.  We are not agents or brokers.  We subscribe to the highest in ethical standards and are TRACE Certified.

Our combined 67 years of military service and 30 years in business have taught us this. 

In combat, you win or lose.  There is no second place.

Our clients include some of the largest names in the U.S. defense industry—and some names you probably don’t know at all.  We provide each company tailored recommendations to “get to yes.”     

Our successes are easily measured: a stronger Norwegian Defence and client satisfaction on a job well done.  

Nordic American AS is the industry leader in defence advisory services, because we believe in teamwork.  When you win, the Norwegian Defence wins.  We live here.  We win, too.


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